New York Olympians at the 2014 Sochi Olympics
The 2014 Winter Olympics is about to begin in Sochi, Russia with opening ceremonies scheduled for Friday February 7th at 8:14pm. There are a number of New York Olympians participating this year. 18 to be exact.
Drug Testing To Take Place in Professional Ice Fishing Soon
First of all, it's amazing to me when I find out that so many recreational sports have professional teams. How do you get to become a professional tugger in tug of war anyway? Now leaders for professional ice fishing have put in a bid to have their athletes tested for performance-enhancing drug…
Tarzan Was A World Class Athlete
He starred as Tarzan in 12 movies between 1932 and 1948 and then 16 Jungle Jim movies after that. Today is the date in history when Johnny Wiesmuller set the then record for the 150-yard freestyle swim in 1925. Weismuller was a world class athlete who won a gold medal at the 1924 Olympics, then five…

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