When Is It OK To Take Off Your Wedding Ring?
When I got married, like many other married people, I received a ring from my wife. Aside from a few times when I have been swimming in the ocean, I haven't taken my ring off. I sleep with it on, I shower with it on, I do everything with my ring on.
So I was surprised by a study that asked women…
Do Guys Have To Be In The Delivery Room?
Simon Cowell recently had people shaking their heads again after he admitted that he will not be in the delivery room when his girlfriend delivers their child in February. He has since said that he will be in the delivery room. But it brought up a good question. Do guys have to be in the delivery ro…
What Tactics Have You Used To Avoid Getting Hit On?
There are lots of reasons that people do what they do. Some people go out to find dates, some to get drunk, and some just want to get out of the house. I know that it sounds like a good problem to have to us guys, but guess what...women don't all want to be hit on when they go out.
Chicken Wings — Why The Heck Do I Keep Eating Them?
When people think Buffalo, they think wings. Other places might try, but they just cannot compete with Buffalo's wings. They taste so good!
But they always make me feel terrible. It never fails. I always feel awful after I eat them. So why do I keep it up?
Budweiser Buddy Cup Is A Bad Idea [VIDEO]
There are certain things that you shouldn't do when you're drinking. Obviously driving is on that list. I think calling ex-girlfriends should be out. Texting should be out all together.
Social networking, too, can be a bad idea when you're drinking.  Which is why the Budweiser Bud…
How Long Do You Keep Your Christmas Decorations Up?
The holidays are over and the snow has already begun to melt (although I know there will be more to come).  Yet I still have not taken down my Christmas decorations.  I know it seems late but this year it's because we are waiting for some family members to see them still.  But ho…
Chiefs Players Taking Aim At Chiefs Fans
I'm a Bills fan.  I have been for all of my life.  Needless to say, I understand frustration.  However, I also understand sportsmanship.  In my opinion there are things that fans should and should not do when they go to a game.  Cheering when a player gets injured is on…
Pet Peeves — Do You Have One?
I have noticed lately that there are some things people do that are really driving me crazy.  It's just a pet peeve.  People are allowed to do it, but every time I see it I want to pull every piece of hair out of my head.

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