[CHART] When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed
Ever have a problem trying to figure out when to put your kids to bed? You put them to bed too early, they goof off and are hyper or if you put them to bed too late, it's a bad day at school.
Here's a chart that Wilson Elementary in Wisconsin has shared for a long time that a lot of familie…
WATCH: Co-Worker Breastfeeds 3-Month Old Without Permission [VIDEO]
So, check out this one.
A woman works at a daycare and bring her 3 month old son everyday. Well, her co-worker, who she barley knows just decided to breast feed him. The co-worker does have a 2-month-old at the daycare as well.
Unfortunately, the baby is lactose intolerant and needed to go to the hosp…
WATCH: 4-Year-Old’s Duet With Dad Will Make Your Day [VIDEO]
I had to watch this over and over again. This one will make your heart melt. Four-year-old Claire and her dad may be getting a call from Ellen real soon after their duet of Toy Story's hit song 'You've Got A Friend'.
The two take turns trading verses (you can hear Claire double-ch…
Should Kids Be Allowed To Have Their Phones In The Classroom?
It took my wife and me a long time to come to terms with getting our daughter a cell phone.  Why do kids so young need them?  That’s the question that we kept asking.  Once the answer became clear that she DID need one, and she could prove she was mature enough to take…

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