The Tools I Wish I Could Give to My Son
Today my son turned 10. This year, I got him tools. He got real grown up person tools.  He got a 16 ounce hammer, a couple screwdrivers, pliers, the whole thing.  He even got a bag to carry them in.  It’s what he asked me to get him and I did, but I couldn&CloseCurlyQu…
WATCH: Coaches’ Big Brawl Unfolds on Field in Little League Game
The fight stemmed when one coach switched out a kid for a faster runner during a 10-and-under little league baseball game.
Then things got ugly.
A spectator's video from a Little League baseball game in Cooper City, Florida, captured what can happen when adults lose their cool on the field...
READ: Father Sends His Son an E-mail 2 Years After His Death
One young man couldn't hold back the tears when he got this email from his late father, two years after his death. We don't know exactly why the dad passed away, but we know it was some sort of illness. The redditor's father used a website called FutureMe to send an email into the fut…

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