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Is Food Network Star Paula Deen A Racist?
Paula Deen is being sued for $1.2 million from one of her former restaurant managers.  The person suing her is Lisa Jackson, and she claims that not only did Paula Deen use the n-word, but that her son Bubba Hiers sexually harassed her. But what's really interesting came in Deen's dep…
Chef Paula Deen Reveals She Has Diabetes
Appearing on NBC's "Today" show celebrity chef Paula Deen revealed she has type 2 diabetes.  She says she's become a partner with a healthcare company to produce a strategy for a program of lighter cooking and to help patients manage the disease.
Paula Deen Coming to Buffalo
WYRK welcomes Paula Deen live! Wednesday April 20th at Shea’s! Paula is bringing her unique style of cooking and humor to Buffalo! Don’t miss this exciting evening! Tickets on sale now at Shea’s box office and ticketmaster.
Paula Dean live...