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Clay Shares His Thoughts On Fireworks And Dogs
Independence Day is Monday and I have been asked what my plans are and more specifically what I plan on doing with Pepper that day. When it comes to dogs and fireworks many people have many opinions on what is acceptable.Here is what I can say for sure about what I plan on doing.
Clay’s Little Girl Is Growing Up
Before I got Pepper in my life I never truly understood why people love their pets so much. As much as I have tried to be Mr. Tough Guy about things, I admit that I lost some sleep last night worrying about my little puppy.
Anyone Else Feeling Spring Fever?
Finally a couple of nice days back to back.  Boy does it feel good to be able to get out and walk around without freezing your toes off.  Pepper and I took a little stroll through the corn field and it was the perfect setting for her first day in a field.   She is 3 months old an…
Something Special About A Winter Day
Pepper and I had a chance to get outside and go for a stroll around the park today.  It was windy as all get out but the sun was shining so bright I just couldn't sit in the house all day.  After walking around for a few minutes we spotted this snowman that someone had built.  Re…