Puppy Lovin On Valentines Day!
There is something very peaceful about a sleeping dog.  My lab pup Pepper can nap any place at anytime.  I try to spoil her with a comfy bed and lots of toys and even her own blankie.  But, she prefers to snuggle up to my coffee table.
My Weekly “Pep” Talk
I have to say that I don't like to brag about things much.  I try to stay humble about my life as much as I can.  But, I can't help but brag about my dog Pepper.  In just the few days I have had her, she has picked up on crate training amazingly well and I have already taugh…
Pepper Moden’s First Week Home!
These are pictures of my new puppy Pepper Moden.  She is doing pretty good so far.  We still have a few sleepless nights and she loves to chase feet but how can you get mad at something so cute???
It’s A Girl!
Meet Pepper.  She is my new lil black lab!  I have only had her a day and already have become very "attached" to her.  That is to say...she needs to learn to not chew on my fingers and toes!!