5 Patios That You Can Bring Your Dog in Buffalo
Ever want to just go get something to eat or have a beer, but you can't bring your pup? Heck, ever just want to bring them anyway? Here's some joints that don't mind if your best friend comes along with in Buffalo!
Where else can you bring your dog to on the patio...
Cat Declawing Possibly Becoming Illegal in New York
There is a bill in front of both the Senate and Assembly regarding the ban of cat declawing in New York State.
Supporters of the ban say it is completely unnecessary – it's inhumane and 'painful' to the cat. After all to declaw a cat, you have to cut through bone, tendon and nerv…
Watch Clay Get Attacked By A Police Dog [VIDEO]
No. He wasn't in any trouble, but that didn't stop Sarge the Niagara County Sheriff's Police dog.  The sheriff's department showed up in full force for Tim Horton's Camp Day to present a check for the day's event. They hung around so guest coming could  visit …

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