Forest Lawn Has Banned Pokemon Trainers Playing Pokemon Go
Forest Lawn released a statement yesterday regarding Pokemon Go and people who come to the cemetery to play the game. It seems they are aligning with Arlington National Cemetery and The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., who early this week released statements asking people not to play the game on…
Pokémon Party – ‘Parking Lot Party’ Parody [AUDIO]
It's EVERYWHERE, and we thought a parody was in order! If you're not playing it your kids probably are! If you're not sure what it is, we have that covered with this handy post! And if you want to seem cool with your kids (or you want to know), here are 5 Awesome Poké…
Buffalo Police Warn Pokemon GO Users to Stay Alert
It's all the hype right now – Pokemon GO.
As people walk around all over Buffalo, playing the wildly popular app, police warn users that they become a prime target to someone looking to rob them while they are focused on the game.
In addition, another concern is walking where people could be driving –…
The Great Pokemon Freakout [VIDEO]
Ah yes...the temper tantrum.  I learned early in life that this would get me no where.  Correct that...this would get me a pretty nasty spanking.  Watch this kid freak out as he finds out that he's not getting what he thought he was going to get at that store.