The Evans Police Are Looking For This Man
Have you seen this man?  The Evans police department need your help.  They have released video of a man who they would like to question about a robbery that took place at the Angola Food Mart on Route 20 in the town of Angola.
LOOK: The Sheriff’s Office Says To Look If You’ve Been Scammed
There have been devices discovered around WNY that have been skimming your credit card information at certain ATM's or gas pumps among other places.
The scamming process, known as skimming, is a device that you cannot see and when placed in these locations and you swipe it, it will then store a…
Here’s Why Lackawanna School Went On Lockdown Yesterday
It could have been a scary situation yesterday. Baker Hall School at Baker Victory Services in Lackawanna went on lockdown while kids walked into school when one kid was found with a handgun.
The metal detectors caught one student with a gun and police were called where the student was arrested...
Man Gets Pulled Over For Going 109 mph on I-86
What is the fastest you've ever driven in a car?  I'm not a fast driver, so my number wouldn't impress anyone.  I can say, I've never gone over 100 mph in a car.  That's what a guy from Pennsylvania tried to do when he got pulled over on I-86.
VIDEO: Buffalo Police SUV Hits Suicidal Man
Over the weekend, a Facebook live video posted shows a Buffalo Police SUV hitting a man who is standing outside with a knife.
The incident happened Chicago and Fulton streets right by the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino on Saturday and he was transported to Erie County Medical Center with non-life threat…
28-Year-Old Dies While In Cheektowaga Police Custody
Sunday night, one 28-year-old man was pulled over by Cheektowaga Police and pain killers and bag of a marijuana were found in the man's pocket.
During a routine check, around 1 AM Monday,
the detention officer noticed the subject was bleeding while sitting up on the bench and not breathing..…
VIDEO: 3 Police Officers Hit By Car In Parking Lot
Prayers to these police officers.
This video and message was posted on Phoenix PD's Facebook Page:
This morning, outside the QT at 2500 W. Camelback, three of our officers were the victims of a violent, intentional attack. These officers had just completed a call for service and were standing in the p…

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