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You Have To Pay To Get Your Mail?
With all of the junk mail we get these days can you imagine having to pay for it? Back in the days before stamps were invented it wasn’t the sender, but the receiver of a letter who paid for it. But back then people really sent letters and that’s usually the only thin…
Looks Like Saturday Mail Will Continue
First the U.S. Postal Service said Saturday mail delivery will be cut beginning in August as a way to save money.  Now the Government Accountability Office says the Post Office doesn't have the authority to make that decision.
Johnny Cash to Get His Own Stamp
The United States Postal Service is about to memorialize a country icon with a stamp.  According to Rolling Stone, "The Man in Black" singer, Johnny Cash is about to get his own stamp.
Mail Scattered For 70 Miles On Interstate
How does something like this happen?  Uh-oh, forgot to close the door.  Postal officials spent hours on Sunday gathering up mail that blew away out the back door of a tractor trailer on the Interstate between St. Louis and Memphis.