WYRK Staff Gets Pranked in April Fools Day Calls
This April Fools Day I wanted to prank as many coworkers as I could. I decided that throughout the month of March to record prank phone calls to several individuals. I have yet to tell those people that I was pranking them and wanted them to find out Today!
Below is the audio in which I take you thro…
Why I Love The “Kids Prank Cops” Video [VIDEO]
Let's be honest.  Cops have been picked apart for the last couple years about everything they do.  I will say right now that I support the police.  I have watched way too many videos that show "bad cops" and people are getting the wrong idea about what they do.
Pulling Things From People’s Hair [VIDEO]
Are people really this gullible?  The prank itself is not all that incredible.  It's the old, you've got a quarter behind your ear trick.  The good part is that these are probably the most gullible people on the planet!

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