Need To Get Out Of Work Early? Try The Happy Hour Virus [VIDEO]
You're getting to the end of the day and the end of your rope. You just want to get to happy hour and get the weekend started. But you still have three hours to go! What do you do?  You try The Happy Hour Virus. Before you know it, you'll be throwing back cold ones and getting an earl…
Sister’s Prank Backfires [VIDEO]
Ahhhh...the old water prank. Is anything better than drenching someone with water? If it's a sibling, probably not. Pranking your brother or sister is probably something everyone has tried...especially your older sibling (I know I did). However, they always seemed to come out on top...
Simon Cowell Gets Egged On Live TV [VIDEO]
Everyone knows that Simon Cowell may not be the nicest person on the planet. In fact, there are times that the man can be downright mean. But, during Britain's Got Talent's finale last week, one ex-contestant showed the world she really didn't like Cowell.

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