Awesome Pregnancy Announcements [VIDEO]
The birth of a child can really be exciting news.  A family is about to grow and bring a new life into the world.  So why shouldn't the announcement be just as exciting?  Here are some really cool ways to spread the news to your family.
Pregnant And Drinking…..Alcohol!!!!!
Being pregnant and consuming alcoholic beverages are usually two words that don't and shouldn't mix.  I hear that occasionally, women are allowed a small glass of wine, but that's it!  Guess not!!!!  According to a recent survey taken by The Centers for Disease Control …
Caffeine May Prevent Some Women From Getting Pregnant
It was just a couple weeks ago that we heard about a study that said how great coffee was at preventing certain diseases in men.  However, drinking Maxwell House may mean women won't see any newbies in their house.
Research out of the University of Nevada suggests women who drink caffeinate…