President Obama

A Pretty Special Bus For The President To Ride
It really was a relative few who got to see the president in person as he began his bus tour across New York State and into Pennsylvania yesterday. Many, many more did get to see the presidential motorcade, and you really have to be impressed with the level of security.
Presidential Pardon To A Turkey [VIDEO]
It's a Presidential pardon given each year to a symbolic Thanksgiving turkey, or turkeys, as was the case Wednesday at the White House. President Obama was assisted by his two daughters as you'll see in this PBS/YouTube video.
The Reason Why President Obama Lost The First Debate! [VIDEO]
Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have spent many hours preparing for these presidential debates.  Last night, the 2nd debate at Hofstra University, I feel was a tie.  Both candidates basically repeated what they said in the first debate and both had fairly valid points when it…
Sesame Street Wants This Obama Campaign Ad Taken Down! [VIDEO]
The first presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama was clearly a victory for the Republicans.  Mitt was firing on all cylinders, while it seemed Barack was struggling for answers.  Romney laid out some decent ideas that could help America go forward, but America de…

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