Free Pumpkins Available in WNY on Friday!
Fall isn't over just yet! Free pumpkins are up for grabs on Friday at the Great Pumpkin Farm on Friday in Clarence!
You can take as many as you'd like, too!
They don't want them to go to waste so, they are offering them to those who want them, but they want the pumpkins to go to good us…
The 9 Best Buffalo Halloween Parties Next Week 2017 [LIST]
Buffalo is never short of parties or a good time. We go all out on just about everything, even the made up stuff like Dyngus Day. Halloween is no exception. So, where are the best parties for Halloween this year? Where can we dress up and go out the weekend before Halloween in Buffalo...
How Many Rubber Bands To Slice A Pumpkin?
It's been done with watermelons, so we decided to do it with pumpkins.  How many rubber bands would it take to cut a pumpkin in half?  32?  50?  106?
We had no idea so we gave it a try.  Using size 32 rubber bands, whatever that means, we placed them one after another ar…
The Best Donald Trump Pumpkins You’ll Ever See
These are great! Lets turn our presidential candidates into pumpkins! Genius! In case you need any creative ideas for your Fall pumpkin carvings, here you go.
It's October, the month of the pumpkin. This is a yuge month for me. Yuge. pic.twi...
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Real Life Ron Swanson Carves Pumpkin With a Gun
When we carve pumpkins, we generally use a knife, but they must do things a little differently in the South. For example, Tennessee resident and YouTuber Hickok45 carves his pumpkin with a Colt 1911 handgun. Why, you may ask? Because using anything else would just be plain silly.
See the 1,775-Pound World Championship Pumpkin
There are tons of things we love about America. Our grand ole’ country cranks out hysterical, nightmare-inducing shows about mini pageant queens and we throw Big Bird into the political scene, for example. But our recent discovery tops them all-- ladies and gentlemen, we li…

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