NY Guy Bowls 300 Game In Under 90 Seconds
Bowling a 300 game is hard enough but in under 90 seconds? That's crazy. But a guy in Cortland, New York did just that a few weeks ago. Ben Ketola bowled 12 straight strikes in 86.9 seconds  at 281 Bowl on April 5th.
Ketola was able to pull this perfect game off by racing to …
Thirteen Year Old Discovers An LP [VIDEO]
Remember when people said that a certain artist had sold 500,000 RECORDS?  Of course I'm talking about the time before cassettes had hit the market, and long before CDs hit the market.  It's kind of hard to fathom that there are some people who have never seen a real record. …
To Trash Or Not To Trash….
What do you do with the tapes, CD's and records that you have lying around?  I am desperately trying to clean the office up that Dale and I share but he won't let me toss the vinyl.