The Best Way To Win An Argument
We've all been there -- when you're done with a fight and the conversation keeps replaying in your head. And all you can think of is what you should have said or could have said.
Hunter Hayes Insists He’d Make a Terrible Prom Date
Country cutie Hunter Hayes is the dream date of thousands of high school girls -- who wouldn't love to dance with a tux-clad singer at their high school prom, swaying to the beat of a sappy love song at the envy of all of their friends? Surprisingly, the country star insists that he'd…
Rob’s Friend Got Dumped With This Picture!
This is probably a good thing at this point. My buddy has been fighting with his girlfriend on and off for the past couple months, and they just had one big blowout fight the other day. We were talking last night, and he was telling me how he said maybe there was a chance that they were going to wor…

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