Rock and Roll

7 Rockers Who Went Broke
Many rock stars have learned that money doesn't buy happiness, but raking in a bunch of loot and then and then losing it certainly can have you singing the blues.
What Is The Best Bar In Buffalo To Hear A Band?
This past Saturday night I was out playing with my band LAST SHOT at a local pizza place in Williamsville. I really enjoy performing in the Williamsville/East Amherst area because it's close to my home and I can get a lot of my friends and neighbors to show up. Saturday night was one of those m…
The 50 Greatest Guitar Riffs Of All Time
Being a guitar player, I can tell you it all really boils down to the "riff".  A guitar "riff" is basically a pattern of chords or notes that are put together and come off as a really cool sound.  These "riffs" can make or break a song.…