World Record For Consecutive Days Running
We have somebody on our staff that goes out for a run every day. I think he says he has a five-mile route he covers regardless of the weather. We did a remote near his home one morning and he didn’t even bother to stop in to say hello. He just ran on by. I’m not sure if he takes a break from his…
Dude Tries to Steal Olympic Torch! [VIDEO]
The Olympics are right around the corner, July 27th to be exact.  One tradition of the Olympics is the running of the torch.  Watch, as one dumb guy tries to steal the torch from the carrier.  Check out how quickly the runner's entourage gets rid of the idiot!!
Study Finds Beer Is Good For Runners
Where the heck was this study a couple weeks ago when I was training for my half marathon? 
There may be more to a runner's high than we initially thought.
A new study has uncovered information so hard to believe it will blow the tap off your keg: drinking beer can help competitive runners.
WYRK’s John La Mond Says No To Stiletto Run [VIDEO]
If you listen to my show, you may have heard me mention my love of running. It's a hobby I do to basically stay in shape, keep the pounds off and have a good workout.  I mostly run 5K races which works out to 3.1 miles.  Sometimes I do 8K races which works out to about 5 mil…
Runner Misses Starting Gun [Video]
I'm less than two weeks out from the big race next Sunday so I've been watching a lot of racing video to become inspired to run my best race.
There's something to be said for an athlete who can be relaxed before a big match.  Whether it's a football game or a foot race, it's often a good idea to clea…
Buffalo Half Marathon…Here I Come!
So I'm doing it again...I swore last year that I wouldn't EVER do it again, but I'm doing it again.  It's kind of like when you wake up with a huge hangover after a long night of having fun and you swear that you'll "never drink again."  At that moment you remember just how much you overdi…
Got A Big Race Coming Up This Saturday
If you listen to my show, you know that I am really into running.  I hope to be doing quite a few races this year. This Saturday I will be running in the Buffalo Shamrock Run in the First Ward. The race is 8K (5 miles).  I am going to see if someone can take some photos that I can pos…
Chilean Miner Continues To Inspire At The NYC Marathon
Have you ever tried to train for a competitive race?  I ran the Buffalo Half Marathon last May and started training 5 months prior.  And then when I ran it, I still felt incredibly unprepared for the 13.1 miles I had to get through.  That makes this story even more incredible.