Secret Service

Not So Secret Code Names
If you were being protected by the Secret Service, what would your code name be?  If you’re trying to stay below the radar, avoid bill collectors or whatever, maybe a “code name” might help.
Will Adults Ever Grow Up?
So here we have Secret Service agents acting like idiots in a foreign country and people getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking their brains out and not even remembering they ran over somebody.  I was beginning to think it was just me.  I always thought that working hard, playing by the ru…
Local Connection to Secret Service Scam
CNN, NBC and the New York Daily News are reporting the focus of that Secret Service blow-up in Columbia is a native of Wilson, NY.  Arthur Huntington graduated from Wilson High School in 1989, attended college at  Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester and then pursued a career in law enforcement.  L…