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Incredible Video From Inside A Tornado [VIDEO]
I've never been in a tornado.  Heck, being from Western New York, I haven't even been around many.  My dad was from Oklahoma though and he used to tell me how scary they were when he was a kid.  Now I see why.  Check out this footage a guy got in Russia when he left his…
Killer Whales Attacking Sea Lions Right By A Boat [VIDEO]
I saw this video this morning and thought it was just incredible and had to share it with you. I didn't realize that it was taken a few months ago, but I hadn't seen it until today. Even though it seems kind of brutal to watch these sea lions struggle for life, it's part of nature.
Man Is Nearly Killed Knocking Down A Silo [VIDEO]
I guess I've never put any thought into how a silo comes down after it's no longer needed.  Please don't try this...ever.  Instead, watch as this guy tries to demolish his silo with a sledge hammer.  The advice that he received to get it done?  "Keep worki…
Amazing Car Crashes From Dash Cams in Russia [VIDEO]
The theory is that almost a million Russian citizens have dash cams in their cars to help stamp out police corruption. However, along the way, those dashboard cameras have captured some of the most interesting footage ever seen. Here's proof.
Priest Yells At Videographer During Vows [VIDEO]
Picture this:  You've done everything to make your big day perfect.  You got fitted for your tux and your beautiful dress, you paid for the videographer and photographer, and even arranged for the trellis that you will stand under to say your vows.  Then, as you're saying th…
Trophy Fish Torn Apart By 2 Bull Sharks [VIDEO]
I have been getting excited because I'm going on my first deep sea fishing excursion ever in a couple weeks. We will be fishing off the coast of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
I've joked that as long as I don't fall off the boat, it'll be the best trip ever, but here's an…