Share Your Best Smoker Recipes, Rubs and Tricks
I got a smoker last year and have started to dabble in the art a little bit more. Right now I've only smoked briskets and turkeys but I'd love to try different meats and recipes!
What are you favorite things to cook on the smoker and what rubs, brine solutions and tricks do you use...
Kick That Bad Habit With JoAnn [VIDEO]
Are you a nail-biter? Smoker? Nose-picker? If you have a bad habit you would like to kick, my friend JoAnn may have a solution for you.
JoAnn always has common-sense solutions for everyday problems and concerns. Check out this video to learn more...
Brett Alan Takes Up Smoking
My mom always told me not to smoke.  But I have a new hobby.  And it's delicious.  I'm now a smoker.  Not the habit that's incredibly bad for you, but the method of cooking involving smoke.