Pick the Flavor, Win a Million
How many potato chip flavors do we need? For me, barbeque, salt and vinegar, maybe sour cream and onion and just plain old regular will do. But when you’re the world’s largest potato chip maker you need dozens. Lays puts out such flavors as Dill Pickle, Ketchup, Garden Tomato & Basil, Thai Sweet…
Americans Have No Clear Cut Favorite When It Comes To Snacking!
According to the latest poll, chips and dip lead the way as America's "go-to snack", but with only 25% of the vote.  (Not the run-away favorite that everyone thought the good ole potato chip was!!)
Fresh fruit was also very popular with 24% of the vote.
19% …
6 Ways To Ruin Your Teeth
For some people, its the first thing they look at.  For others, they either have them or they don't.  I take moderate care of my teeth.  I do the essential and not much more.  You won't see my wasting money on Crest White Strips, but I will brush and floss as everyone should.
I stumbled upon this pie…