Soldier Releases A Mouse Into The Wild [VIDEO]
There's a phrase that my mom used to use quite often when I was a kid.  She would say, "The path to heaven is paved with good intentions."  Even if things don't pan out the way you hope they would, it is still right to try to do the right thing...
Honoring a Fallen Getzville Soldier
Getzville Firefighters paid tribute to a fallen soldier by planting a tree at Williamsville North High School on Labor Day in memory of William Wilson III.  Known by his friends at Billy, he was a 2003 graduate of that school and was killed in March in Afghanistan.
Honoring A Local Soldier
A local soldier who gave his life in service of his country is back home in Western New York.  The funeral of Sgt. William Wilson will be on Friday.  You can pay your respects at the Amigone Funeral Home on Sheridan Drive at Hopkins in Amherst today and tomorrow from 2-4 and 7-9 pm.