stupid pet tricks

Golden Retriever Can’t Catch Cheerios [VIDEO]
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. In the case of Max and Sophie, it seems that Max has been catching Cheerios for years, and Sophie (who appears to be younger) can't seem to pick up on the trick. Hey, she's called a golden retriever for a reason...she does that well. She…
Dog Shows Respectable Goalsaving Skills [VIDEO]
Stupid pet tricks get me everytime.  I'm just impressed when they do what they're told.  But check out this dog who shows that he's a pretty good goalie.  Of course, what we don't know about this video is that the guy is pretty bad at soccer.
Cat Stuffs Another Cat In A Box [Video]
Ok...lots of questions with this clip.  First of all, why the heck are there so many cats in that room?  Second, who the heck would groom a cat to look so much like a lion?  Third, what the heck are they listening to?  Fourth, why is that cat such a jerk?
Chihuahua Dancing The Merengue
Need to waste a little time?  Watch this video of a Chihuahua dancing the merengue.  You'll want to send it to your friends.  There's just something freaky about a dog walking around on just 2 legs.