The Secrets Behind Onion Rings at Ted’s Hot Dogs
The onion rings at Ted's Hot Dogs – what makes them so good?  When relatives come to town, Ted's is always one of the first stops we have to make, and the onion rings is part of the reason.
The originator of Ted's Hot Dogs, Ted Liaros, was a regular customer at an area steak…
4 Refreshing Summer Drinks for You and Your Kids
Flickr user Dinner Series
Make yourself one (or more) of these to beat the heat. (There’s a virgin recipe for each one as well, so the kids — and your lightweight Aunt Betty — can feel equally cool.)
Don't just stick to plain lemonade, mix it up and check out these rec…
2016 Buffalo Summer Bucket List: The Buffalo Bubble Run
This looks like a riot and it’s coming to Buffalo this summer!
The Bubble Run will be coming to Western New York at the Buffalo Outer Harbor on Fourth of July weekend! On July 2 the run will take over three miles and have some foaming stations throughout the run that will be hilarious…
WATCH: We Need These Sweet, New Chairs for Summer
These things would be sweet to have for summer! You can literally pack them up to go to Mickey Rats, Canalside, your backyard, heck....maybe even Darien Lake for a concert.
It is a lounge chair, a hammock, a deckchair and a sofa all rolled into one...
Lawn Mower Slip N Slide – Yes Please! [VIDEO]
I know it's really early, but I'm already putting together my list of things that I HAVE to try next summer.  The first is this slip n slide that is also like a trampoline.  The next thing on my list is lawn mower slip n slide.  What is lawn mower slip n slide you ask? …
The Coolest Slip & Slide Ever! [VIDEO]
I know we're way past summer but I thought I'd share this with you anyway.  This should give us all enough time to start saving up for this thing.  Imagine this...a slip & slide that isn't only soft, but it's got trampoline like qualities to it.  Where do I…
Dogs Love Water And This Video Proves It! [VIDEO]
Here's a daily distraction for you.  It's hot out.  Humans love to get near a beach or a pool when it's hot.  So why wouldn't an animal that has a coat on all the time want to do the same?  Of course they do...and here's a video to prove it.
Bruiser Bear Cools Off in the Pool [VIDEO]
We are all looking for ways to keep cool this summer.  Take some cues from Bruiser the bear.  He's a huge fan of the pool for his summertime activities.  Watch as he hops in and cools off for a bit.
Top Country Songs for Your Summer Pool Party
It's hot outside.  Your friends are coming over for a pool party.  You've got the water activities, you've got the frosty cold beverages, now all you need is a soundtrack to set the mood to Caribbean.  I've got you covered.  Here's a list of the top count…

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