How to Grill a Ribeye Like a Boss [VIDEO]
I've been grilling for years. Some of my best summer memories involve hanging out with my dad around the grill. He taught me everything I know about grilling.
But what if this is your first time around the grill and your father-in-law is coming over for his Fourth of July steak? What do you do? …
The Day You Forgot How to Throw a Frisbee [VIDEO]
There are plenty of things in the world that are difficult.  Brain surgery, rocket sciene -- those are a few things that are always referenced when someone is describing something that's hard to do.  Throwing a frisbee is NOT one of those things.
Watch People Get Mowed Over By An Orb Ball [VIDEO]
I am sooo ready for summer.  Every time I see one of these videos it gets me pumped for getting outside and doing fun stuff.  This guy's name is Devinsupertramp on YouTube and he mostly posts videos of extreme sports.  It doesn't get too much more extreme than this.

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