Worst Half-time Show Ever?
Not really my cup of tea, as I am more of a rock and roll and country guy, but many people are saying that yesterdays Superbowl halftime show was one of the worst ever?  Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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Do You Think Ben Is Bad For The Game?
 Seems to me that in the past couple of years, we have been hearing more and more stories of NFL players doing bad things: killing dogs, sending naked phots of themselves on their phones (to women they're not married to),  DUI's, selling drugs, etc. I am sure most of the players in the league are go…
The Five Best Super Bowls Ever [VIDEOS]

The Super Bowl hasn’t always been so super. In fact, throughout the ‘80s and into the first half of the ‘90s many of the games were blowouts the likes of which are rarely seen during the regular season.
We’ve had better luck with Super Bowls lately, and this year’s match-up between the Pittsburgh …
$1,000 For Parking At The Super Bowl???
Packers and Steelers fans can start getting their Super Bowl trips planned and booked. The Super Bowl will be held at the Cowboy’s stadium in Dallas. If you are planning on attending, don’t forget your credit card…cards.
James Starks Heading to Superbowl
Local athlete and UB Football Great James Starks is heading to the Superbowl.
The Green Bay Packers lead by Aaron Rodgers and James Starks defeated the Chicago Bears in front of the Bears home crowd yesterday by a score of 21-14. Jay Cutler was knocked out of the game early with a Knee injury but som…
She’s Picking The Jets?????
Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz was allegedly sexually harassed by New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in the locker room last Summer. She is now picking Sanchez and the Jets to win the Super Bowl. She must be a very forgiving person.