6 New Things Getting Taxed in 2018 in New York [LIST]
This man loves taxes.
New York State is by far the state with the highest tax burden in the United States at 12.94%. Governor Cuomo is looking for $1 billion more in taxes coming this year--and we all know where who ends up paying for it in the end...
Storm May Push Tax Filing Deadline Back in New York State
It's mid March and the heat is on to get taxes filed before the mid-April deadline. Some are holding out for the last minute. Yet some are trying to stay on top of their taxes and get things done on time. However, the latest round of winter weather has put some small businesses behind in their …
How Much Did President Obama Get Back in Taxes in 2016?
If you had to take a guess, how much do you think the President of the United States got back in his federal tax return this year? How much does the President make as a salary?
President Obama and his wife Michelle together made an adjusted gross income of $436,065, nearly 9 percent less than the yea…

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