Meet Jibo – The World’s First Family Robot [VIDEO]
Have you ever dreamed of having your very own R2D2 to help keep your family in order?  Maybe you're not a Star Wars fan but you've thought about having a Johnny 5 or that robot from the Jetson's in your house.  Well, now you can, but it's name is Jibo.
If You Grew Up Before 1990 You Need To Watch This
As I watched this I couldn't help but think almost how pathetic society has gotten.
It's crazy to think that what the world has become and what it used to be. I mean I have cousins that aren't going to know a world without internet, no job will not use a computer and they won't se…
A Machine To Give You The Perfect Beer Pour [VIDEO]
Beer drinkers everywhere are always in search of what they call the "perfect pour". The "perfect Pour" is where you can pour the beer into your beer glass and have all the beer fit in the glass without spilling a drop of the delicious nectar...

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