Should Teens Under 18 Be Banned From Tanning Booths? [POLL]
Seeing that May is skin cancer awareness month, I figured to pop this one on you!  According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma skin cancer is on the rise, especially in the state of New Jersey.  Now, I understand that New Jersey is home to many "fist pumping Italians" , which could …
How Much Is Your Teen Texting?
In today's world, "texting" seems to be the most popular method of communicating for teens.  They do it in the morning before school, at the breakfast table, on the ride to school, in school, etc etc.. You see where I'm going!
Teens Caught Stealing Sewer Grates In Buffalo
Almost every day I see or read something that completely boggles my mind like this story.  A couple of Buffalo teens were arrested for stealing sewer grates in and around the city.  Really, what possesses someone to do something that could be a danger to others?  Now I get that teenagers do ridiculo…