Are Cell Phoned Banned From Your Dinner Table? [POLL] [AUDIO]
Oh how we love our cell phones!  We take them everywhere we go.  They're like our little digital buddy.  We constantly check them throughout the day and even take them into the bathroom with us to keep busy.  What ever did they do on this earth before this glorious invention?  Any way...the topic of…
How Much Is Your Teen Texting?
In today's world, "texting" seems to be the most popular method of communicating for teens.  They do it in the morning before school, at the breakfast table, on the ride to school, in school, etc etc.. You see where I'm going!
Does Buffalo Need “E-Lanes?”
So you ask yourself....What is an e-lane?  Well an e-lane is a specific lane on certain sidewalks that is designated for those who may be uber-texters or on their iPhones, Droids or tablets.  Yes, it's real!!  Philadelphia has already put the e-lanes into action.  Sidewalks around Philadelphia's Cit…