the dirt drifters

Fresh Faces In Country Music- The Dirt Drifters [VIDEO]
The Dirt Drifters are pretty new to the "pop" country scene.  Of course, the group has been doing their thing for a number of years now, but new in the case of what is now considered"pop" country, they are new.  Anyway.....The guys made a quick stop to..…
The Dirt Drifters Visit WYRK [VIDEO]
Warner Music Nashville artists 'The Dirt Drifters' visited Buffalo today and played for a crowd of WYRK listeners at the Cozumel Bar and restaurant on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo today.
Get to Know the Dirt Drifters [VIDEO]
WYRK is holding another Artist Eat-n-Greet at the Cozumel Grill Featuring Warner Music Nashville Artists The Dirt Drifters.Watch this video and get to know the guys.