The White House

White House By The Numbers
Too bad George Washington never got to live there. But he was the one who picked out the site and he oversaw construction. The cornerstone was laid in 1792 and eight years later President John Adams and his wife became the first residents of the White House.
Over the years each President has made cha…
Presidential Pardon To A Turkey [VIDEO]
It's a Presidential pardon given each year to a symbolic Thanksgiving turkey, or turkeys, as was the case Wednesday at the White House. President Obama was assisted by his two daughters as you'll see in this PBS/YouTube video.
Hillary Clinton Erased From White House Photo
An Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic newspaper found it necessary to photo-shop a photograph from the White House Situation room.  The editors of Der Tzitung felt the photograph showed Hillary Clinton with a sexually suggestive look on her face so they electronically removed her from the photograph...