Toby Keith

Friday Night Fight: Toby Keith Vs. Dustin Lynch
It's week number three for The Big Dog on The Friday Night Fight.  His new song "Hope on the Rocks" is taking on Dustin Lynch's new one "She Cranks My Tractor".  It's up to you to vote tonight on The Friday Night Fight.  Let's ge…
Friday Night Fight: Toby Keith Vs. Faith Hill
The Friday Night Fight is back!! Toby Keith squared it off with Tim McGraw and came out victorious so if he can't beat the man in the McGraw household let's try his wife. Tonight Toby's taking on Faith Hill & her brand new single 'American Heart'.
Friday Night Fight: Toby Keith Vs. Tim McGraw
Kristy Lee Cook finished up her sweep of The Friday Night Fight last weekend with her song "Airborne Ranger Infantry" which means we've got two brand new songs this week.  They come from Toby Keith and Tim McGraw!  Let's get it on!
“Red Rubber Ball”- The Breakfast Club Song Parody [AUDIO]
Well, I never thought this song would be as popular as it is.  "Red Rubber Ball "--a parody of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup".....inspired by a listener who couldn't think of a the actual title.  Here's the story.  The Breakfast Club was playing the "Frantic 5" game, where…

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