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LOL Best WiFi Network I’ve Ever Tried To Connect To..
Lol It's so dumb, but I did get a good laugh out of it. Especially, because we're finally just a few weeks away from football season!
I know it's not the first time that someone changed their WiFi network to this, but when my phone tried connecting to my buddy's WiFi--I crack…
Jim Kelly To Tom Brady: “NOW RETIRE”
Even Jim Kelly is saying it to Brady "NOW RETIRE". After Tom Brady sealed his fifth Super Bowl victory, the most by any quarterback of all time, Jim Kelly went to congratulate him and urge him to retire.
Of course, Jim is kidding (we think), but we're not...
Tom Brady’s 4-Game Suspension WILL BE Upheld
The Bills have to make the playoffs. They can't do that without beating the Patriots. Since Tom Brady has been the starting quarterback for New England, he has owned the Bills.  Could that change this year? Tom Brady will be suspended for four games after a ruling by the US Appeals court.
The Best Tom Brady Memes After the Patriots Lost Yesterday
If there's one thing people across the country have in common it is the common dislike for Tom Brady. Jealousy? Maybe. But, who cares – he's not on our team and he didn't win us four Super Bowls, so it's time to make fun of him.
After the Patriots devastating loss to Peyton …

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