Aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado in Photos
A massive tornado touched down just south of Oklahoma City on Monday, killing dozens.
At least seven of those killed were students at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore. The twister, which measured 2 miles at one point, has been given a preliminary classification of an EF-4 tornado (winds o…
How You Can Help Victims of the Tornado in Oklahoma
A huge tornado touched down just outside of Oklahoma City earlier today, causing widespread destruction and leaving behind a yet-untold number of casualties.
To see how you can help those affected, see the list below. This list will continue to be updated...
Very Unusual Tornado Record For Iowa
Up until the outbreak of tornadoes that tore through five Midwestern states on Sunday and Monday morning, Iowa hadn’t recorded a single tornado in almost a year, and that’s very unusual for a state that averages about 35 a year.
Hear Little Big Town’s Next Single…”Tornado” [AUDIO/POLL]
Little Big Town is having quite the 2012 and if you ask me, the success is long overdue.  It's hard to hold back a group with such great vocal harmony....eventually they will shine as they are doing now.  It's all about finding the hit single, which the group did with "Pontoon."  Little Bi…
Formation Of A Tornado
Check out this video of a tornado forming within roughly 90 seconds..  It was taken on a security camera in downtown West Union, Ohio.  The tornado was said to be an F2.
Woman Prays As Tornado Approaches
A massive storm system causing tornadoes has left a path of death and destruction from Texas to Indiana and stretching as far south at the Florida panhandle.  At least 36 people have been killed in the latest round of storms.  Of the 36 killed so far, 17 have been in Kentucky with another …

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