Do You Kiss Under The Mistletoe? [VIDEO]
There are certain holiday traditions that some people still do regardless of whether they they know where they came from or not.  How many people know where the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe came from?  Better yet, how many people still do it?
Unique Christmas Traditions From WYRK Listeners
Everyone celebrates holidays differently.  That's part of what makes them so great.  Everyone has their own little traditions that make them special.  So I asked WYRK listeners if they had any traditions that they do that they think are different from everyone else.  There a…
Presidential Pardon To A Turkey [VIDEO]
It's a Presidential pardon given each year to a symbolic Thanksgiving turkey, or turkeys, as was the case Wednesday at the White House. President Obama was assisted by his two daughters as you'll see in this PBS/YouTube video.
Dale’s Daily Data: Christmas Traditions & Superstitions
In Italy, instead of Christmas trees, they decorated small wooden pyramids with fruit.
Ukranians decorate their trees with an artificial spider and matching web.  A spider web found on Christmas morning is believed to bring good luck.
In Caracas, Venezuela, they block off the streets on Christmas…