Woman Hit By Train in Buffalo Overnight
A woman was found just after midnight lying there on the tracks after getting hit by a train in Buffalo
The woman was found located near the CSX Transportation Frontier Yard near Bailey Avenue by a crew on the "Canadian National Railway train found the person on the tracks and…
Cute Alert: This Toy Train Was Too Much For This Baby [VIDEO]
I know that my parents used to put us in the car when we were babies to get us to go to sleep. If only they knew this was a possibility!
Little Vivienne loves her older brother's train and has mastered the operation, that's why her mom was comfortable leaving the room to check her email...
Man Starts A Dance Party On The Train [VIDEO]
Life can be pretty boring.  But you know what?  It's because we make it that way.  Fun happens when you make it happen.  Check out this guy who decides to take an every day ride on the train and make it a dance party.  Good for him!!
Martina McBride To Team Up With ‘Train’ Singer
Martina McBride has had some incredible duet partners over the years.  She's sung with some big names including Clint Black, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffett and even Elvis Presley (kind of)!  Her latest release is with a more modern, more pop artist.