#WorstWayToBreakUp – Top Tweets From 5/22/12
This post is actually going to change throughout the night. So be sure to keep checking it to see what the latest tweets are! Tonight's hashtag was #WorstWayToBreakUp. As Tweets come in, this list might change. This is a list of the current top 5 tweets....
#ILookForward2 — Top Tweets From 5-15-12
Each Tuesday we do something called "#Hashtag Tuesday" on Twitter just to have some fun. I give you the topic and you all chime in with your thoughts. This week's topic (or hashtag) was #ILookForward2. We were looking for anything that you were looking forward to. Tons of them had…
#50LiesIWasTold – Hashtag Tuesday
We've all been told little white lies from our parents or grandparents or crazy uncles when we were growing up.  Tonight's hashtag is centered around those little white lies that we believed to be the truth.
#WeirdOpeningAct – Top Tweets From 5-1-12
Last night on Twitter was #Hashtag Tuesday. The hashtag was #WeirdOpeningAct. We were looking for pairs of acts that wouldn't really work well together. You Toby Keith and The Dixie Chicks. This one was a little harder than the rest. He...
#WeirdOpeningAct – #Hashtag Tuesday
Ever hear a concert announcement and go, "Wait, hang on.  Who is the opening act again??"  That is the focus of tonight's hashtag for #Hashtag Tuesday on Twitter.  The best part is, they don't even have to be real shows.  Make up any combination y…
#OnlyInBuffalo – Hashtag Tuesday For 4-24-12
It is time once again for Hashtag Tuesday.  It's something we do to kind of sound off on twitter.  I like it because it makes you feel a bit like a community and it gives us all a chance to get a bit of a laugh at each other.  Today's Hashtag is...
Top Tweets From 4-17-12
Last night's hashtag was a bit more mellow than the last couple weeks in honor of tax day.  It was #ThingsDoneLastMinute.  I was looking for things that were a bad idea to wait on.  You konw like making a will and such.
Hashtag Tuesday: #ThingsDoneLastMinute
It's another Hashtag Tuesday!  In honor of tax day, tonight's #hashtag is #ThingsDoneLastMinute.  We're looking for things that you probably shouldn't wait until the last minute to do...but you do anyway.

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