Merle Haggard Joins Twitter [VIDEO]
Twitter has been around for years.  But I'd like to argue that it's now the biggest social networking site on the internet.  Not because there are a ton of people that use it.  It's more about who is using it.
Hashtag Tuesday: #Thatsmyfamily
It's Tuesday again so that means it's time for #Hashtag Tuesday on Twitter.  First thing's first...make sure you follow us on Twitter @1065WYRK then add your tweet with the hashtag
Justin Moore Has Words For Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher appeared Academy of Country Music Awards this past Sunday. Kutcher came out to present an award in old fashioned country attire, cowboy hat and did a rendition of George Strait ‘I Cross Your Heart’. It didn’t Justin Moore long to share  …
Top Tweets From Hashtag Tuesday 4-3-12
I have to admit that you guys and girls pulled it off this week!  We had some really good ones on #Hashtag Tuesday.  There were so many good ones as a matter of fact that I couldn't limit myself to a top 5.  I had to go with more than that.  Here are some of my favorites!
Top Five Tweets From #Hashtag Tuesday
For the last couple weeks I've been doing what I call #Hashtag Tuesday on tuesday nights on Twitter.  To join in the fun, make sure you follow us @1065WYRK on Twitter then listen to me from 6p-Midnight to find out what the hashtag of the night is.  Then you can add your two cents.&nbs…
Twitter Trend: # Jobs Ugly People Work At
I was playing around on Twitter this morning and saw that the following # (topic) was trending.......#Jobs Ugly People Work At.   LOL, I had to laugh for a bit because the old joke for radio DJ's is that we have a face for radio.  That's why we are not in TV.  Just so the public's not co…
NASCAR Driver Mark Martin Gets Revenge On Twitter Hacker
NASCAR driver Mark Martin has been active on Twitter @MarkMartin the past two months sending out updates on what's going on with him and his team during the week and on race days.  But somebody hacked his account last weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.  They not only hacked into …
Trace Adkins Tweets Racy Offer
I dare say that Trace Adkins might be just a little skeptical that Big Foot exists.  Minutes ago, he offered up a challenge to anyone who thinks that they can find Big Foot.  Ladies, you might want to hear this one...
Trace Adkins Wife Tweets Picture Of His Sausage
Trace Adkins Twitter page has turned some heads and some of the tweets could fall in to the ‘Things that sound dirty but aren’t’ category.  It all started when Trace himself treated his fans to a picture of his bare behind in a hospital gown, trust me it wasn’t X rated or even R rated but no pun int…
#Hashtag Tuesday
It is once again tuesday night and it's time for #Hashtag Tuesday.  It's something we do on twitter to pass the time and have some fun.  Join in by following us on Twitter. Today's Hashtag is

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