Jimmy Kimmel’s “Tweeter Totter” Game Is So Evil
You know what? Jimmy Kimmel has some weird ideas for fun celebrity games and manipulating social media. Okay, Jimmy Fallon? You don't have the corner on this market! In a wickedly clever combination of embarrassing celeb game and social media wackiness, Kimmel rolled out his "Twee…
The Top 5 Best Tweeters In Country Music
Country music is so cool not only because of the music but also due to the people that make that music. They'll make you realize that at the end of the day, they're just normal people like you and me -- and Twitter helps us keep a handle on how grounded (and hilarious) they are.
You Need To Check Out This #SabresSleepover Hashtag [TWEETS]
This polar vortex and blizzard have just about everyone in Western New York bundled up in their houses (with most probably drinking, if I know Buffalo well enough) thanks to driving bans and whiteout conditions across the region. Nearly 700 school closings and businesses were reported on Tuesday whe…

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