Words on Twitter Show Happy, Sad States
What do the words we use on Twitter say about us and where we live?
Researchers at the University of Vermont did a study of 10 million tweets and the words that were used, then mapped out where they originated to determine the happiest and saddest states.
The Best of Worst Joke Wednesday [VIDEO]
We started a little later with the jokes for Worst Joke Wednesday yesterday but that didn't mean there were any shortages with the jokes.  They were pretty good too!  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!  Find out if yours made the list right here:
Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square Hospitalized?
Recent pictures on Thompson Square's official Twitter page had fans wondering about the health of Shawna Thompson. "Hey y'all please pray for Shawna," a tweet from Wednesday afternoon reads. An earlier tweet reveals a banged up and bruised Keifer Thompson...
Kellie Pickler Becomes ‘Auntie Kellie’
Kellie Pickler can now add "Auntie Kellie" to her list of titles. The singer recently became an aunt after her little sister, Courtney, gave birth to a baby girl. Proud Auntie Kellie was quick to post photos of herself cradling her newborn niece in her arms, and it's quite cle…
Dierks Bentley’s Dog Has Been Found!!!
Dierks Bentley's poor pup went missing over the weekend.  We found this out yesterday via Twitter, when Dierks posted about losing his trusty dog Jake.  The tweet was sent out around 9pm...this is what Dierks wrote ..
The Best of Worst Joke Wednesday [VIDEO]
Yesterday was Worst Joke Wednesday on Twitter.  First of all, thank you to everyone who tweeted their jokes to us @1065WYRK.  I thought this week, you would maybe like to see real reaction to the jokes as they are told out loud instead of just the ones that are read on Twitter...

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