Country Artists Weigh In On Shooting In Aurora, Colorado!
A handful of country artists have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, as folks were expecting to watch the premier of Batman "The Dark Knight Rises."  Artists like Reba McEntire and Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linse…
#DearMe – Hashtag Tuesday Top Tweets
Yesterday's hashtag for #HashtagTuesday was inspired by Brad Paisley's song "Letter To Me".  The hashtag was #DearMe.  We were looking for advice that you would have passed on to a younger you.  The best tweets of the night were:
#DearMe – #HashtagTuesday 7/10/12
It's time for Hashtag Tuesday once again. Today's hashtag was inspired by Brad Paisley's song, "Letter To Me". For today's hashtag we're going to pretend we're actually writing a letter to ourselves.
#ThingsMyDadSays – Top Tweets From 6/12/12
The Hashtag today was in honor of Father's Day. It was #ThingsMyDadSays because we've all heard our dad say some kind of phrase over and over. Unfortunately dads say some pretty inappropriate things (hahaha). These are the top tweets that I could reprint today!
#ThingsMyDadSays – Hashtag Tuesday 6-12-12
I had to do it. In honor of Father's Day we're looking for the funniest things your dad says. Maybe they're things that he said to you when you were a kid. Maybe he's a little bit on the older side now and he constantly says something that cracks you up. Old men can be hilari…
#WeAllGotThatOneFriend — Top Tweets From 6/5/12
I kind of figured that this one would work well. We've all got a friend in our group that does something quirky. Today's hashtag was #WeAllGotThatOneFriend, and it went over pretty well. Here are some of the best responses, in my opinion....
#WeAllGotThatOneFriend — #Hashtag Tuesday 6/5/12
We took a week off from #Hashtag Tuesday last week (mostly because we had off on Monday and I forgot that it was Tuesday), but we're back this week.  So if you're not already following us on Twitter, you might want to do that, then strap in for some fun.
Keith Urban’s Underwear Gets A Twitter Page
Okay I admit that I get a little hot and bothered at the thought of Keith Urban I mean he is a good looking guy.  But would I follow  @KeithsUndies  on twitter?  Probably not but, over 500 people are doing so after Keith flashed a little skin and his Calvin Klein skivvies on…

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