Venison……It’s What’s For Dinner!
You may have heard me talking on the air about my love of venison. Talk to any heart surgeon and they will tell you that eating venison is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Deer meat is lean with no chemicals or preservatives...
Father Leaves Deer Parts For His Daughter To “Play With”
Little girls love deer, my daughter even loves venison (yes...deer meat) but do they really love them with their blood and guts on display?
A high school teacher in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has found himself in hot water after he left severed deer parts at his ex-wife's home in April, clai…
Would You Like To Try My….
...Venison??  I offered Dale some of my pepper sticks this morning and he said "no thanks." I tried to explain to him the benefits of eating is some "official" information on it.  If you never had's not "gamey&qu…
Help Feed The Hungry…Go Huntin!
My fellow is a great way to help feed those in need!  many people I know got multiple tags this year so it wouldn't hurt to pass some of those back straps on to the less fortunate.