Fresh Faces In Country Music- The Dirt Drifters [VIDEO]
The Dirt Drifters are pretty new to the "pop" country scene.  Of course, the group has been doing their thing for a number of years now, but new in the case of what is now considered"pop" country, they are new.  Anyway.....The guys made a quick stop to..…
Easton Corbin Takes Batting Practice [VIDEO]
Easton Corbin has worked his way into the country music scene with hits like "A Little More Country Than That" & "Roll With It".  Now, you can watch Easton take some swings as he hits McKechnie Field for batting practice!  Check it out!!!!!!
Team Illuminate Lights Up America’s Got Talent [VIDEO]
Team Illuminate should have the million dollars on America's Got Talent locked up!
Theyhave such a fresh approach to dance and technology.  If you have never seen the show, at least check this video out. It's only 3/4 of the performance, but it is good!
April Fool’s Office Prank at WYRK [VIDEO]
April Fool's Day came a little early here at WYRK, everyone expects it on April 1st! The Dean of Country returned from a little weekend getaway to find his office had been transformed to a pretty pink princess wonderland. I'm not too worried about retaliation, that would require creativity…
K-9 Keepin’ The Beat! [Video]
This dog just might keep the beat better than your son, who has been taking drums for the last 6 years, and still can't even beat an egg.  Lol...I kill me.....Just kidding.  Check this one out.....The poor dog probably can't help it...That music would drive anyone insane

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