Attack Of The Speech Jammer! [VIDEO]
Clay and I challenged Dale to read the news with an iPhone app called "Speech Jammer." The app creates a delay effect in your headphones while you're trying to speak and completely throws off your ability to talk.
The Most Complicated Game Ever? [VIDEO]
While growing up in my parents house, we often played board games on Sunday afternoons. We played them all, from Monopoly to Sorry and everything in between. One thing was for sure, though. If the directions weren't simple, we weren't playing it.
Air Freshener Made From…Cow Poop? [VIDEO]
I don’t know about you, but when I think about an air freshener, I think about a pine tree.  Cow manure would probably be last on the list of things that I would use. But that’s the base ingredient in a new air freshener created by two Indonesian students.

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