Harlem Shake — ‘Duck Dynasty’ Style [VIDEO]
I will never understand the Harlem Shake phenomenon.  People from all walks of life have taken to YouTube to dance like crazy people in their own "Harlem Shake" videos.  Now the guys from Duck Dynasty have joined the craze.
Terrible Ways To Wake Someone Up [NSFW VIDEO]
If you thought you were having a bad day, you should count your blessings that at least you weren't jarred out of bed using any of these methods.  Unless of course you were woken up this way, which of course means that we want videos of it.
Take A Seat — Make A Friend?
"I wish there was more opportunities like this in life. We tend to forget that each person is living life as vivid and complex as our own...and if we just stop and get to know people we can find similarities and inspiration in the most seemingly unlikely of individuals. We are all connected…
Impressive Card Handling Skills [VIDEO]
I don't know about you but it took me until I was 14 before I could hold a hand of cards right.  I was 16 before I could shuffle them without just tossing them all over the room.  I can't imagine the number of hours this guy has spent playing with cards to get himself to this point.  It's a shame th…
Tattoo Virgin Goes Crazy, Mom Stunned
Do you have a tattoo? And if you do did it hurt? I don't think I would ever get one for a bunch of reasons but, this one kid on his 18th birthday goes with his mom and his friend. The mom doesn't know what to do nor the tattoo artist when the kid cannot take the pain of the needle...
NFL Lip Reading!! [VIDEO] [Possibly NSFW]
This was one of the funniest videos I watched all weekend.  Not that I watch videos all weekend......LOL.  (I don't...honestly).  This one was brought to my attention by a buddy at a fantasy football party.  You don't even have

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