Awesome Video of Hurricane Sandy — From Space! [VIDEO]
Everyone in the Northeast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy. Parts of New York City and New Jersey have already been evacuated in preparation for the storm. Locally, we aren't supposed to see much until Wednesday (October 31), which would put somewhat of a damper on any trick-or-treating plan…
The Reason Why President Obama Lost The First Debate! [VIDEO]
Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have spent many hours preparing for these presidential debates.  Last night, the 2nd debate at Hofstra University, I feel was a tie.  Both candidates basically repeated what they said in the first debate and both had fairly valid points when it…
The Waterfall Swing
Imagine a swing set that has a waterfall coming from the large bar across the top.  Now imagine you swinging through it without getting wet.  It's hard to explain but pretty cool to see.
Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 Prank… [VIDEO]
Are you one of the iPhone junkies chompin at the bit to get your hands on the new #5.  If you are, I kind of feel bad for you. You are being robbed blind and you don't even know it.  In saying that, you should check out this lil experiment that the crew at Jimmy Kimmel's show tri…

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